Rhinowares stealth teflon milkpitcher black 12 oz / 360 ml - Home Barista

RHINO stealth teflon milkpitcher 12oz/360 ml black

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RHINO stealth teflon milkpitcher 12oz/360 ml black


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Rhinowares milk pitchers stand apart from other pitchers.
Developed by our team who understand the needs of the Speciality Coffee industry.

Some of the special features include:

  • Premium non stick coating: Our specially developed non stick coat is a premium food grade double coat system. The ensure our Rhinowares are more durable and last longer. The surface makes it easy to keep clean and will save time in a busy cafe setting. When you use these pitchers you can feel your using a premium, high quality pitcher. 
  • Thick and Heavy: Underneath the coating is 1mm stainless steel. 
  • This gives more time for steaming and stretching your milk, especially on the 12oz and 20oz pitchers this makes a real difference. 
  • The pitcher feels good in the hand. 
  • Proffesional Latte Art Spout: Designed for pouring and control allowing more detailed Latte Art Rhinowares pitchers are the prefect milk pitcher for the busy cafe or the home barista.

     All our milk pitchers are Certified Food Safe by FDA, LFGB, REACH & ROHS.


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12oz / 360 ml Colour: black